Shopping for shiny

This past Friday I went shopping. As you can see from the few photos here, it was quite the experience! Woke pretty early in the morning and  arrived on site by noon. The line was out the doors and so I stood outside, and waited until the line filtered through registration. The first few tables were amazing, shiny things galore! But I had my sights set on a certain size and weight. 

I was shopping for charms to go on infusers. Yes, I do make

glass lampwork charms

as well, but some people prefer stone. I wanted to make sure that I had enough variety of colors, shapes, styles and weights. I think I managed pretty well, lots of jaspers, agates, colors and shapes. Along with some amazing tigers eye and ocean jasper beads. I'm truly excited to bring these into the world! 

You can find my infusers (complete with charms) over on


. Here's a sneak peek of some of the ones I'm listing soon!