The importance of a great support system.

Hi. My name's Rubiee and I'm a complete loon.

Well, I would be a complete loon if it weren't for the amazing support system of people that I have in my life. Not only have I managed to find amazing friends that support me and keep my head above water when I decide to take on three projects at a time (*cough* seven *cough*) but they are also the people that I trust to help with Dryad Tea.

Some of you may have seen them at shows, or seen their postings on the Dryad Tea Facebook Page...

This is TeaMonkey and Dame Ursula Wiffenpott.

These two are the people that catch me the most when I stumble over the things that I didn't expect, they are the pair that give me inspiration or tell me to sit down and have a drink after a really long day selling tea. I could probably do all of this without them, but I might not be as happy as I usually am!

So here I am, telling you all how very important it is to have a support system in a small business. It keeps you grounded, helps you brainstorm (with more than one brain!) and overall keeps the insanity at bay. Everyone should have one.

The end.