GenCon 2015 recap!

My goodness! Let me start by saying that I LOVE GenCon! Last year we were welcomed so very warmly, and we managed to be completely unprepared for the biggest con we had ever done. We sold out of many of our blends. Yet there we were, wide eyed and stunned by the excitement and outpouring of love.

GenCon, this year you did not disappoint. Person after person found us in our booth, proclaiming they were so happy to see us! Some even voiced that they had moments of panic when they went to look for us at our old booth space, to find us gone. I found myself smiling and chatting with so many amazing people over the four day convention. We sold out of all but one mug, and all of the leaf trivets went flying from the booth. It made me so happy to know that not only did people love the tea, but the accessories that I make by hand also have a big appeal. 

We were lucky to be placed in a booth beside the lovely folks of Craft Hackers, the weekend was full of laughter and friendships that made the super busy moments seem a little smoother because you knew you had backup if you needed it. I was also able to do a pretty epic panel with Toni and Nicole of Craft Hackers and David Lee Pancake on running a business. (If you haven't seen David's work go RIGHT NOW. It is beyond worth it!) It got my brain thinking about other panels that I could possibly do in the future at cons out here!
If you'd like to watch the panel, Toni recorded it and it's up online.

I'm also happy to report that I have been adopted as an official Craft Hacker! Craft Hackers are a great group of people all interested in helping one another run successful businesses, and sometimes they share booth space. Super friendly and I am so happy to be among their ranks! I'm hoping to have a few really neat blog posts up eventually. 
Is there anything you'd like to see me write about on either blog?

The drive home from GenCon was... long. We did it in one day, because who really wants to stay in a hotel when you have the ability to sleep in your own bed?
I am also happy to report that GenCon 2015 is officially Dryad Tea's best show to date!!! Thank you all for making it so amazing, for coming and talking to us, supporting us and most of all- believing in us and what we do. 

We will be applying for GenCon 2016 and hope to see all of you there!!