New site, new(ish) blog

Here goes nothing! It's a new year, I'm rehauling the website and here I am also working on restarting the blog!
I'm planning to have guest writers again, and I'll be blogging day-to-day stuff as well as behind the scenes, pre-launches, convention thoughts and pretty much anything Dryad Tea or Rubiee based. 


It's 2018 and I really want to thank you all for being a part of this journey. When I started Dryad Tea in 2012 I had no idea that it was going to become as big in my life as it has. With the company I have met so many amazing people, it was a support when Pandora Celtica retired, and it has allowed me to expand my creativty. As we move into the 6th year of the company I'm only looking forward. Expect some truly amazing things!