Wicked Faire 2015

Every year I find myself looking more and more forward to Jeff Mach's Wicked Faire. It's an indoor winter Renaissance Festival, and it feeds my soul. This year the event was at a new hotel, but that didn't make it any less amazing. The people were so welcoming and friendly and happy. The energy of the space was magical and energizing. 
I had an amazing booth space for Dryad Tea, and Pandora Celtica was also there singing so I got to do double work all weekend. Even though I was working two "jobs" I had so much fun and met so many new friends! I even got to sing the very first song I've ever written for the band, for the very first time at Wicked! 

I also got to meet some amazing artists.

Michelle over at Greenwood Creations is beyond words. She's super nice and so skilled at her art that inspires a feeling of awe in those that look upon it. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a tiny pyrography (woodburned) acorn and bat. They are going to join my wall of inspiration in my studio, so I can look at them always! Find her shop here.

Thanks to a dear friend of mine I also got to spend some time with The Mad Etcha who makes the most shockingly detailed glass etchings BY HAND with a dremmel. I am not even kidding you here. I took three of them home with me, and will be stalking her etsy for more in the future. 

I really do love conventions, the art, the music, the people. Wicked is different for me though, it's sort of a working vacation. I get to play and work all at once, and can I just tell you all again how amazing everyone is? Dryad Tea has never been so spoiled by people stopping by to drop off food and drinks. We are beyond grateful for every single person that stopped by to say hello or to buy our tea or give hugs! 

I can happily say that I look forward to going back next year. We will be applying the minute vendor apps open up!