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Flavor Packs

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We've had these at shows for over a year now, and it's time to bring them online!
Each flavor pack contains 6 sample sizes of tea, all within a certain theme. Each sample pack should give you 3 cups of tea worth of loose leaf per blend to try!

Included teas:

Black Tea Best Sellers: September Whiskey, Pixie Can’t Sleep, Come to the Labyrinth, La Sirene, Awaken, Strawberry Imp

Chai Flavor Pack: Faun, Winter Court, Bite Me, Ethereal Cogworks, Chemical Worker’s Tea, Spring Queen’s Spiced Tea.

Green Tea Best Sellers: Puck’s Potion, Katrina, We Are Shangri-la, Discordia, Elven Mist, Trueforge.

Caffeine Free Best Sellers: Golden Afternoon, Faerie Garden, Scarlet Seamstress, Undine, Drink Me, Loki’s Kiss.

Fruity Flavor Pack: Raspberry Imp, Blueberry Imp, Rosslyn, Heart of a Kirin, Persephone’s Pomegranate, Merry Unbirthday.

Iced Tea Flavor Pack: Mistress Vineyard, Misty Morning Dew, Spring Court, Mystic, Siren’s Call, Keeper.

Earl Grey Flavor Pack: Yes Please, Casimira, Xavier Quinn, Ravens in the Library, Clockwork Professor, LaGrange Grey.