Fruity Teas Sample Set
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Fruity Teas Sample Set

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We've had these at shows for years now, and it's time to bring them online! They change yearly to reflect changes in our catalog. 
Each flavor pack/sample set contains 5 sample sizes of tea, all within a certain theme. Each sample pack should give you 3 cups of tea worth of loose leaf per blend to try!

Each sample offers enough loose leaf tea for roughly 3 servings.

The teas are:
Persephone’s Pomegranate - Pomegranate black tea.
Mistress' Vineyard - Fruity and cinnamon black tea.
Blueberry Imp - Blueberry black tea.
Fate's Chosen - Lemon and berry rooibos.
Ambrosia Skies - Bright citrus & berry green tea.