Hatter Tea - Old Label
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Hatter Tea - Old Label

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This is for the old label/old ingredient version of Hatter. Nothing has changed in the flavor profile! Some labels may be written on, ingredients crossed out etc. This blend contains sulfites.

As mad and unexpected as a Hatter, this flavorful black tea is sure to bring a smile to your face. Blended with color and flavor in mind, this tea is sure to become a favorite! Strawberry, cinnamon, ice wine, black tea, white tea and clove all have a part in this fabulous blend.

A sample will make roughly 3 cups worth of tea. An ounce will make roughly 11-17 cups of tea depending on leaf weight. (1 tsp of tea = (1) 8oz cup). This tea is loose leaf and will require an infuser or steeping basket/cup etc.

Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, freeze dried strawberries, calendula petals, red rose petals, raisins (sunflower oil, sulfites), ontario ice wine, cinnamon, clove, jasmine buds, natural flavors (organic compliant).