Rubiee - Old Label
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Rubiee - Old Label

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This is for the old label/old ingredient version of Rubiee. Nothing has changed in the flavor profile! Some labels may be written on, ingredients crossed out etc. This blend contains sulfites.

Inspired by the world of Pandora Celtica, and by one of the musicians. This blend is inspired by Rubiee, Mistress of the Keys, Keeper of Pandora's Box and Glitter Bomber Extraordinaire. This tea is a spectacular blend of Elderberry, Plum and Pink Peppercorns with a tiny splash of anise, cinnamon and clove.

A sample will make roughly 3 cups worth of tea. An ounce will make roughly 11-17 cups of tea depending on leaf weight. (1 tsp of tea = (1) 8oz cup). This tea is loose leaf and will require an infuser or steeping basket/cup etc.


Ingredients: Black Tea, white tea, raisins (sunflower oil, sulfites), ontario ice wine, elderberries, jasmine flowers, pineapple pieces, cinnamon, clove, pink peppercorns, cornflower, anise, mallow flowers, cranberry pieces, blackberry leaves, elderflowers, natural flavors (organic compliant).