Japanese Gyokuro
Japanese Gyokuro
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Japanese Gyokuro

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 This Gyokuro is made to exacting specifications that date to Japan's Edo period (1603-1868), it offers a brew so pure that is is said to be best enjoyed with a poem.
Gyokuro is a green tea that is shaded at the end of it's life before plucking, and is the same tea used to make ceremonial matcha. It has a satisfying, light refreshing character. Tended pleasantly vegetative with some briskness. 

A sample will make roughly 3 cups worth of tea. An ounce will make roughly 11-17 cups of tea depending on leaf weight. (1 tsp of tea = (1) 8oz cup). This tea is loose leaf and will require an infuser or steeping basket/cup etc.

Ingredients: Green tea.