Jasmine Dragon Pearls

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This tea is one of the prettiest treasures from the world of tea. It grows in the mountains of southeast China. For more than 100 years, only the finest and youngest leaves of the best green tea qualities have formed the basis for this rarity. The still not quite dry leaves are mixed up to six times with fresh, delicately smelling jasmine blossoms, then sieved and rolled by hand to small pearls. The leaf encloses the fine jasmine aroma and only sets it free during brewing. The fact that two leaves and a bud were taken shows in the infusion. The cup has an elegant champagne color.

*Due to the delicate nature of Dragon Pearls the 1oz is packed into a sealed bag and then placed inside the tin.

This tea is loose leaf and will require an infuser or steeping basket/cup etc.

Common allergens: none.
Please contact us for specific allergen questions.

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