Oracle's Oath (Gen Con 2021 tea)
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Oracle's Oath (Gen Con 2021 tea)

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Enjoy this sweet and fruity blend of watermelon oolong and lime green tea, spiced with ginger for a hint of the danger that one must face for the oath. 
The Oath of the Oracle, said to be a test of self, if one is lucky enough to take it.

This is our Gen Con 2021 Exclusive,  We use the same tins as 2019 and 2020 exclusives so you don't have to break up your collection in the making! 2oz of tea in a specially branded Gen Con 2021 tin!


Ingredients: Oolong, green tea, papaya pieces, plum + safflower petals, ginger, lemon pieces, sweetlime pieces*, natural flavors (organic compliant).(*Sweetlime pieces: Glucose syrup, concentrated lemon juice, sugared apricot halves, modified starch, thickening agent E401, flavor.)