Sea Dragon Tea Pet

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Curly and ready to protect you during tea time, this sea dragon is a delightful companion. They do hope that you will share just a bit of your tea with them, as a reward for how helpful they are.Measures roughly 2.25in x 2.75in

From wiki: "A tea pet, also known as a tea lover's pet, is a small clay figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck. The history of tea pets can be traced back to the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368). They are usually made of “Zisha” (also known as Yixing) clay, from the region near Yixing in Jiangsu province, China."
Since these tea pets are generally made from the same clay as traditional Chinese clay teapots they exhibit the same benefits. You can ‘feed’ them. They will absorb the tea over time the same way that an Yixing teapot will. They have been single fired and are not glazed. They will change in color over time. If exploring the world of high end, quality tea is a journey. Tea pets are your traveling companions.

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