Xantou Mandarin Green Pu'erh

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These adorable little mandarins are packed with green tea and are amazing for multiple steepings! Sold individually, these small packages have a huge flavor. Each mandarin contains enough tea for at least 8 servings/steepings. 

Traditional Chinese Brewing Method:
Break enough tea out of the orange for 1 serving, roughly 1 gram.
1st brew: 30 seconds, 2nd brew: 40 seconds, 3rd brew: 40 seconds, 4th brew: 60 seconds, 5th brew: 90 seconds, 6th brew: 120 seconds. With each subsequent brewing, note how the character of this wonderful white pu'erh subtly shifts in terms of strength and flavor. 

Cup is light with exotic mandarin sweetness. Orange peel imparts a natural flavor. 

These are made entirely by hand.


Ingredients: Green tea (Pu'erh style), mandarin pieces.

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