Black Teas:
A Deck of Cards Fruity- Elderberry and huckleberry with a hint of anise and vanilla
A World of My Own Pomegranate with a hint of spearmint
Autumnal Fae Pumpkin spice, oolong and vanilla notes
Awaken High caffeine - Three types of black tea with vanilla and honey notes
Bite Me Bright apple chai - Cinnamon free
Black Cats & Pointy Hats Pomegranate, apple and mulling spice
Chemical Worker's Tea Smoky chai. Chai spice and lapsang souchong.
Come to the Labyrinth Apple pie in a cup. Apple, cinnamon and vanilla notes.
Curiouser & Curiouser Hazelnut, Chestnut, almond with chocolate and ginger.
Dresden Smoky black tea with a hint of sweetness and spice.
Fall Court Pumpkin spice, vanilla and cinnamon
Firebird's Child Chai The chai everyone needs on their tea cabinet
Girl with the Lions Tail Cinnamon, vanilla and hazelnut
Grimdark A blend of black teas, oolong, rose, clove and roasted maté
Hidden Depths Almond, hibiscus and clove
Impossible Girl Gingerbread, hazelnut and roasted maté
Innkeeper's Secret Strawberry and blood orange
Kitsune's Favor Lychee and vanilla with a hint of jasmine
Knight's Steed Chocolate and pistachio pu'erh blend.
Lacewater and Pearl Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
LaGrange Grey Earl grey with blueberry and strawberry notes.
N'hena's Journey Coconut chai
Nightowl's Delight Sweet lemon and vanilla, reminiscent of lemon scones.
Oberon's Wine Sweet ice wine and almond
Orange Imp Blood orange with extra orange
Poppy and a Rose Violet macaroon and rose
Queen Mab's Wish Gingerbread chai
Ravens in the Library Creamed Earl grey. Dryad's version of a lady grey tea
Ruthless Indulgence Caramel chai
September Whiskey Peach apricot with cinnamon. Great iced or with whiskey.
Siren's Call Lychee and lemon
Solstice Dreams Orange spice, with extra spice from cloves and ginger
Spring Court Strawberry and lemon. Amazing iced
Stay Safe, Stay Awake Deep robust black teas. Vanilla, caramel and whiskey notes
Strawberry Imp All strawberry with even more strawberry
Summer Court Earl grey and jasmine. Try me iced!
The Winter Long Blood orange, rose and raspberry.
Traveler's Tale Caramel and roasted chestnut
Twilight Vigil Sweet and Smoky chocolate
Winter Court A rose chai befitting of Queen Mab


 Green Tea / Oolong: 

Ambrosia Skies Grapefruit, pomegranate and blueberry
Bob the Skull Malty and fruity with a hint of floral
Discordia Mint, rosemary and ginger. Great for soothing upset stomachs
Elven Mist Jasmine and lychee
Forest Spirit Green and white tea. Peach and lemon
Imblueberry Sweet blueberry and a touch of vanilla. Think blueberry scone
Little Bird Lychee, strawberry and faint jasmine notes
Mermaid Promise Vanilla and chocolate. Hot chocolate in a tea
Misty Morning Dew Cucumber melon & mint
Moonbeam Inn Almond, vanilla and clove
Raspberry Imp All raspberry, and more raspberry
Spring Queen's Spiced Tea Green tea chai
Bartender's Truth Rich oolong, honey notes, same sweet hunts of roasted maté
Darkest Wood Oolong, lapsang, chocolate with a hint of almond and cinnamon
Dragonside Tavern Rice pudding Oolong. Similar to the feeling of horchata
Oracle's Oath Watermelon Oolong, lime and ginger
Siren Song Strawberry basil Oolong


 Caffeine Free / Herbal / Rooibos: 
ARK Angels Fruit Orange, raspberry and lemon
Baby Dragonrider Rooibos Spicy hot chocolate, contains chili flakes and has a kick
Bronze Dragons Brew Rooibos Pumpkin spice goodness.
Clockwork Professor Rooibos Caffeine free Earl Grey
Drink Me Herbal A blend of mints, Clove and rosemary. Amazing iced.
Ethereal Cogworks Rooibos Caffeine free chai.
Faerie Garden Herbal A blend of mints, lavender and cinnamon. Great as a relax tea
Faerie Revel Rooibos Blueberry and orange. Bright and promising.
Golden Afternoon Rooibos Sweet strawberry and whole dried fruit pieces.
Lemon Imp Rooibos Heavy lemon notes with a hint of orange.
Loki's Kiss Rooibos White chocolate and peppermint
Mama Dragon Herbal Licorice and a blend of mints
Merry Unbirthday Fruit Strawberry sparkling wine. Try it iced
Rook and Rose Herbal/Rooibos A sweet blend of berries, hibiscus and rose hips
Scarlet Seamstress Herbal Hibiscus layered with cinnamon, mint, ginger and citrus
Silent Winter Rooibos Raspberry and white chocolate
Summer Goblin Market Rooibos Orange cinnamon and hint of strawberry
Sunset Moors Herbal Hibiscus chai.
Sweet Dreams Rooibos Rest and relaxation blend. Contains valerian root
The Dreaming Rooibos Honey and orange
This Is Where I Leave You Herbal/Rooibos Vanilla, lavender, chamomile and mint
Titania's Tincture Herbal Anti-con crud tea! Blended with herbs high in vitamin C.
Undine Herbal Ginger, mint and chamomile.


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